Hank L.

2 Air Conditioners Broke In 3 Years (Issues Fixed) Our new house comes with 2 air conditioners (Goodman GSX130301BF and Comfort Aire CMA18SB-1) installed by Martino. Within 3 years both units cannot provide cooling anymore. The Goodman one has a frozen pipe (picture attached) and it is due to low in freon. The Comfort Aire does have zero refrigerant just after 3 years. I can feel the connector is greasy when touching it, so I suspect the unit was not properly installed in the first place. All these issues will not cause a system failure within the 1st year, and they will only show up once your warranty period is over. Contacting them on a hot Friday and was told that the best they can do is to send someone over next Tuesday, and there will be a service fee of $125 TIMES TWO (for the 2 units we have). Who knows how much they will charge after that! To those people who consider using this company for their HVAC service, please think twice and spend your money wisely! You don’t want to end up like me having to fix your 2 ACs just after 3 years. Update 7/23 After the review, I received a personal phone call from the service manager Chris. He and his technician came 2 days after and rectified the issues free of charge. This has changed my previous opinion of Martino. I believe they are a good contractor and is willing to stand behind their work. Thank you, Chris.

Madison C.

Martino HVAC was great to work with! They were quick to communicate back and forth. They made the process easy and they were flexible with booking installation as I am a shift worker! The guys who installed were professional, respectful, and knowledgeable! Definitely recommend this company for your HVAC needs.