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How To Check If Your AC Is Really Cooling?

You’ll want to start the warmer weather months in a comfortable zone, which means as complaint-free as possible for you and your loved ones. Professional AC installation in Vaughan, preventative air conditioning troubleshooting, and proper home air conditioning maintenance will help you achieve your objective of smooth-running air conditioning systems.

Most Common AC Issues And Ways to Solve Them:


If your AC isn’t working or turning on, you should check the batteries in your thermostat. Your AC will not turn on if the circuit breaker has been tripped.


  • Replace the batteries if they are dead.
  • If the batteries are in good working order, check the thermostat settings to determine if the cooling mode is on.
  • Check the circuit breaker if your thermostat is switched on, but AC is still not working.
  • The Air Conditioner isn’t Pumping Chilly Air

If a dirty air filter blocks your air conditioner’s airflow, it won’t blow cold air.

Solution: Professionals like AC replacement in Vaughan advise that changing your air filter once a month will aid your air conditioner’s ability to blow cold air.

  • The AC Outdoor Unit is Frozen

Factors That Can Lead to the Freezing of Outdoor Units:

  • Inadequate airflow due to clogged furnace filter
  • Refrigerant Leak in System
  • Problems with the Furnace Blower Motor not working or blowing the right amount of air

Solution: The most common air conditioning problems can be avoided by following a routine maintenance plan.

Leaks of Refrigerant Can Lead To:

  • Ineffectiveness
  • Power consumption is high
  • Freezing of coils
  • Compressor failure
  • Inconsistent cooling

Solution: Check your air conditioner for any refrigerant leaks regularly. For air conditioner replacement near me, contact an expert.

Reasons Your AC is Making Unusual Noises:

  • Hissing – a refrigerant leak
  • Thudding, rattling, or pounding – a blower or motor assembly problem.
  • Screaming – compressor or fan motor issue.
  • Buzzing – faulty electrical components.

Solution: Check your air conditioner for any noise or refrigerant leakage regularly. For routine maintenance, contact an expert like AC replacement Vaughan.

  • Failure of the Electric Control System

The fan controls and compressor can wear out if you regularly turn on and off your air conditioner.

Solution: The motor and compressor may not turn on due to a connection issue.

It’s normal for the water to flow from the indoor unit (evaporator coil) through the drain tubing that comes out from the ductwork and into the floor drain or condensate pump. It is not normal for water to be leaking down the ductwork, the furnace, and/or puddling on the floor around the furnace.

Causes of Water Leakage

  • Dirty air filters
  • Improper installation
  • Blocked drain pipe
  • Broken condensate pan

Solution: Clean the filter and drain lines regularly. Or, have the professionals complete AC installation in Vaughan.

  • Drainage Problem

Dust and dirt can clog the drain pipes. Mold and mildew can grow if water does not drain properly.

Solution: To avoid this, ensure your drain line is maintained, cleaned, and inspected regularly.

Regular AC maintenance is the most excellent way to prevent difficulties and headaches for you and your loved ones. If you are looking for a trustworthy air conditioner replacement near meMartino HVAC can help. Contact us at 647-277-9680 or leave us an email here.